CNAME to point domain with load balancer

Lets assume we have ‘’ domain in Cloudflare with load balancer.
Now, I want to point via CNAME record to
Is it going to work?

This may seem like a duplicate of this question:

But it doesn’t have any answers.

Are you planning on using this with DNS only mode, or with Proxied hostnames? Are the domains all in the same account? Are you a SAAS provider?

@michael We prefer to use the proxied mode, but if it’s not possible then dns we can compromise with a DNS.
All domains in the same account.
Yes, we are SAAS provider and we are not interested in exposing the URL of our LB, but to expose a link (CNAME) to it.

We tested it and it worked! We used a domain ‘’ CNAME record to point to a load balancer domain: ‘’.

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