Cname to a subdomain on an (origin-less) Workers route

Hello all,

My setup:
a. Two domains and, both set up in Cloudflare (orange cloud on).
b. subdomain, with a Workers Site (running off the * route)
c. has an A record that points to nowhere, since I’m interested only in running a worker off the subdomain for now.)

What I want :
I’m attempting to cname to point to, such that the Workers Site at loads when I visit

What happens:

  1. When I access from a browser window, the Workers site loads fine.
  2. When I try to load (which is cnamed to, the Workers site does not load, and it attempts to contact the origin server (which fails).

My question :
1.Is there a way to achieve what I want (as described above) by staying within the Cloudflare infrastructure and not having to configure an origin server?
2. Even if I configure a proper webserver at the origin, how should it ideally respond to a request, such that the worker is invoked?

Thanks in advance for your time.


I moved the Worker to the root domain

But even this doesn’t work : CNAME ->

ie A worker on loads fine when I visit directly in the browser, but does not load when I visit

Any pointers?

Cname doesn’t work in a normal account, you need the Cloudflare Enterprise account.

More here: