CNAME targeting target.clickfunnels is not populating

I am running a funnel from Clickfunnels, but I cannot verify the domain in ClickFunnels. The following message is displayed:
In order for your custom domain to work you’ll need to log in to where you bought your domain and add a CNAME record that points

I added the following CNAMES in Cloudflare, however the @ target is not populating:

Please advise how to fix this issue as I am stuck!

Thank you

I added the following
CNAME: (domain purchased at GoDaddy)

However the is not populating?

Can you provide a screenshot of the specific record in the dashboard? I need to check one thing, but I don’t exactly know how to best explain it so there couldn’t be misunderstandings…

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Hi matteo

Thank you for responding. Herewith the screenshot…

You should definitely remove those 2 NS records. Those are the issue. You shouldn’t have additional NS, especially at the root.

Hello Matteo

Thank you for responding.

Herewith 2 screenshots:

  1. Error message in ClickFunnels:


  1. Cloudflare: CNAME

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Oh, I see…

You also need to switch the two records. Set www to target ClickFunnels and the root to target www.

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