CNAME Target Change does not work

I use CNAME to point to my Heroku applications and it has been like that for a few years.
which means that my domain has a CNAME target of

This evening I decided to change the CNAME targets for one of my domains (from to and nothing has happened after two hours. (which means it is still showing the old website)

If I access yyy . herokuapp . com it goes to the correct domain. Did I do the right thing? Should I do anything else besides changing the targets?


Have you tried with this one?:

Thanks for the answers. I have been using heroku here for a couple of years. This domain has been connected to heroku for 2 years. I only switched heroku apps.

My setup is very similar to the first link.

I will try to add the config from the second link.

Have you tried in a uncached/incognito browser window? Cloudflare caches some responses at its edge for up to 2 hours, and your browser can cache for even longer.

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