Cname subdoman

Hello my friends
I have a problem with my website error 1016
I create cname record subdomain
name record name subdomain for example blog
and target
and then create new pages rules
and Selection following URL and selection 301 permanent redirect
and I write destination URL
you can see this video because i take it an idea [Official Training] How to Integrate A Cloudflare Subdomain In ClickFunnels - YouTube

Error 1016 is because Cloudflare cannot resolve whatever you’ve put in the CNAME record and has nothing to do with the page rule you’ve created. You need to ensure that whatever you’ve set as the CNAME in cloudflare can actually be resolved.
This should be easy to check using dig / nslookup or some online tool such as

If you are using your page rule just to ensure HTTPS traffic and not redirect to a front page, you may want to only intercept HTTP URLs and preserve the path in your page rule with the following:* 301 to

There has also been a Cloudflare internal DNS issue today causing some 1016 errors. If they go away, it will most likely have been this issue.

what i do
is delete pages rule
can you gave me steps

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