CNAME subdomain to Cloudflare domain with cname to load balancer

Can I point a subdomain registered outside of cloudflare to the load balancer inside of cloudflare?

I have a very niche dns setup question.
I have a Loadbalancer on
I have a domain on cloudflare which uses apex flattening to cname to

This works fine.
I understand that if I want (APEX, not at cloudflare) to point to the load balancer, the dns nameserver has to support CNAME flattening at the apex.

However, that is not what I want to try to do.
I want (a subdomain, not at cloudflare) to point to the load balancer.

As I understand, I have three options:

  1. CNAME
  2. Outside cloudflare CNAME
    Inside cloudflare CNAME
  3. Partial CNAME Setup (which requires business/enterprise plans)

I have read conflicting statements about number 1.
Number 2 is advised against as it requires two dns lookups. But my question is: Would CNAME to a cloudflare (apex flattened) dns which has a cname to the load balancer work?

I have not found any conclusive answer.

Visiting should work as it is the normal use case for cloudflare.

Hey there, you may want to explore Partial (CNAME) set-up.

However, it’s only available on Business plans and above.

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