CName subdomain (non CloudFlare) to business account in CloudFlare?

We have a business account configured in Cloudflare (let’s say

We have a need to “proxy” a subdomain from another organization that does not use Cloudflare (, in a way so it goes through

I mean if users hit → in fact it goes on Cloudflare and our server ( serves responses.

We have permission to configure records for in a way we need (without changing records).

I have read a lot a found this article (seems to be possible but requires 200$ plan+)

Also I found that it kind of possible to add CName record on side like this (that did not work):


Could anybody give me advise if that is possible and what would be the right way to do it?


If you have an existing CNAME setup on a Business Plan, you can still add SSL for SaaS (Custom Hostname) to connect an external subdomain.