CNAME SSL Problems

I have a CNAME that points to a Full Strict SSL site from a Flexible SSL site. Do I need the Flexible SSL site to be Full Strict SSL and if so do I need to have an SSL certificate for the domain or can I use the SSL certificate for the domain that it’s pointing to?

As far as I understand the situation, Domain A is being added to Cloudflare and using Flexible SSL option while having a CNAME record with value of a domain B which is also using Cloudflare but with Full SSL (Strict) mode, right?

The best way to go is to get an SSL certificate for both domains/websites and use Full SSL or Full SSL (Strict).

Here is a great tutorial about getting an SSL for your domain and to achieve “end-to-end” connection:

Flexible SSL can cause issues, more about why it is not a recommende way to go with it can be found on the below article:


Alright thanks for verifying.

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