CNAME SSL is coming from wrong server

Hey team,

We have a subdomain which is supposed to point to

It’s been working, but right now we’re getting the SSL certificate coming through from pathwright, and not the sendnetwork certificate. As a result, there’s a cert name mismatch (NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID)

Can any provide any tips?

Thank you!

P.S. We tried the tips on the help page for ERR_CERT_COMMON.

Hi @sbateman1,

I see the Cloudflare certificate fine on the training subdomain. Something on your end is likely to be causing you to go straight to the server and bypass Cloudflare. Maybe a cached value somewhere?

Thanks for checking.

We have a legacy server that, when turned back on, made the DNS work again.

In other words…the internet is very strange. Thanks!