CNAME + SSL error


I am getting an SSL error for a new micro service that is used by us.

Websites: - Which is our website (on CloudFlare). - Which is another website we have (NOT on CloudFlare).

Micro service is on:…com (on CF)
We have a CNAME record from website2 to website:
t.website2…com ==>…com

On…com we a micro service with cookies, which is loaded on website…com and website2…com. website…com works perfectly, but website2…com does not work at all.

The SSL issue:
When trying to access a static file on t.website2…com (that directs to…com), I am getting an SSL error:

This site can’t provide a secure connection

t.website2…com uses an unsupported protocol.

That probably happens as since t.website2…com doesn’t have a proper SSL certificate.

What are my options?

  1. Is it possible to use an advanced edge certificate for t.website2…com, when only website…com is on CloudFlare? (SSL -> Edge Certificates -> Order Advanced Certificate)
  2. Any other ideas how to pull this one off? Even with CloudFlare orange-cloud remove from that specific subdomain?
  • Sorry for the …com, as CloudFlare says I can only have 2 links per post.

You’d need to make sure that Website2 has SSL enabled, too. If Website2 is not proxied through Cloudflare and/or not on the same account as Website1, CNAME won’t work to a :norange: proxied domain. You’d have to switch Website1 to :ngrey: or stop using the CNAME to make it work.

That’s because Cloudflare proxies domains by sending their own IPs on DNS-level and by forwarding incoming traffic to your origin, if not cached.

Apparently CF has an SSL service for SASS companies for enterprise customers, but that’s a bit above what I need right now.

I’ll go with putting this service outside the CF network at the moment, and generating let’s encrypt certificates for these domains :-/

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