CNAME & SRV records are not propagating, never changed anything

Today i found out that my domain ( wasn’t propagating CNAME & SRV records, i discover this because I wasn’t receiving any mail, contacted mail provider support and they told me that the issue was that my host wasn’t propagating the cname

I’ve been in cloudfare for a cuple of years and haven’t change anything since day one

Any help will be appreciatted

Which specific records are you having issues with?

Two random ones I’ve picked seem fine.

;; ANSWER SECTION: 300 IN SRV 100 1 443


If it’s one of your proxied CNAMEs, they will be flattened into IP addresses (like an A or AAAA record would usually return) and need to be unproxied if you want anything but HTTP/HTTPS to pass through them.


Hi Kian,

Yes, the only rSRV record with issue is that one

For the CNAME record that is proxied, that one is my website, and as far I understood from the link you shared, it must be proxied, right?

Something strange is that just a moment ago I started to receive pending mails in my inox (i did nothing) but checked the dnschecker and CNAME/SRV still not propagated :frowning:

Your CNAMEs seem to be working fine. You’re not seeing one there for the root domain because it’s an A record, not a CNAME (you can’t have a root be a CNAME, though you can enter it that way at Cloudflare and they will take care of it for you).

Whatever problem you’re having, it’s not because your CNAMEs aren’t working (and “DNS propagation” isn’t a real thing so I’m always suspicious when people who are supposed to know what they’re talking about, like tech support, want to blame it).

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Thanks… until now I don’t have any clue of what could be affecting the “propagation”, i can see the web, now i’m receiving mails and everything seems to be working ok… strange

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