CNAME setup without root CNAME

With Partial/CNAME setup, if a domain’s DNS does not allow for root CNAME or Alias records, is it possible to point the root (@) A record to any one of Cloudflare’s node’s IP address?

I don’t use Partial/CNAME setup, but it sounds like a Hosting Partner setup. Typically, root domain won’t work, but ‘www’ does.

So give yourself a root A record with some IP address like (doesn’t really matter what) that’s set to :orange: and then add a Page Rule that matches* that has a Forwarding URL (301) that points to

Now visitors to your root domain will automatically redirect to the www for your domain.


This solves so many problems… thanks. I wanted to add one little thing: the Forwarding URL should actually be:$1

This will append the URL string after the .com from the original address to the new one.

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