CNAME setup with domain already in Cloudflare is it possible?

We have a client that currently use cloudflare on a business plan and their name servers already point to cloudflare. Lets call them
We are an external provider and we want to also use the CNAME setup on a business plan to manage separately from the customer.

I know you normally require an Enterprise plan to do the subdomain delegating but as a provider for the client we can’t justify an enterprise plan. But will us just creating a cloudflare account for and then just creating a single CNAME setup for work or will this get too confused as there will be 2 accounts with the same domain 1 with all the records and a CNAME pointing to (not proxied) and another (our account) with the same record but proxied. Is this do-able? Hopefully I make sense. Thanks

A CNAME setup requires a Business plan or above. I have not tried in recent years, but when I first joined CF there could be only one account active with the same zone. At the time there was a sub domain of one of my work sites using a CNAME setup, and it made on boarding the main zone impossible until the sub domain was removed.

However, it sounds like what you are actually looking for is SSL for SaaS. Normally reserved for Enterprise customers, there is a Pay As You Go version in beta at the moment.

If I understand correctly, you want to specifically manage just a subdomain

So what you can do is, create a new Cloudflare account (if you didn’t have one), click + Add a site, enter, choose a plan, wait for DNS records to be scanned, copy the two nameservers provided for you and add two new NS records in your customer’s dashboard for

But as far as I know, the newly added zone will not inherit the subscription plan from the existing zone. Maybe someone can clarify this.

I believe this would only work if the account has Enterprise zones and had the subdomain zone entitlement provisioned.

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This proves that it is possible with free plan:

But are you on your account with Enterprise zones? What plan you select there doesn’t affect it, but if an account doesn’t have that entitlement they shouldn’t be able to get as far as that screen if they enter a subdomain. It will just throw an error and ask that you provide the root domain.

At least that is how it used to be, unless they changed it so free plans can have subdomain zone support, which I don’t think is likely.

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Not really possible for most users, I am afraid.

You can add a subdomain zone (regardless if the root is on or off Cloudflare), but only if the subdomain entitlement is enabled and this requires at least a zone with Enterprise, which I believe is what you are seeing.

This zone becomes a normal zone as all others are so, it can have a free plan itself. You just can’t do it unless one Enterprise zone is present on the same account (and it was enabled, which I doubt happens by default and not on lower tier plans).



Oh ya, sorry I mislook it.

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You are right.


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