CNAME Setup plus WordPress Plugin

I have a WordPress client who I am desperately trying to get to move to Cloudflare for a few reasons. The primary reason is site performance and the secondary reason is security (their priority order, not mine). They have balked at moving DNS management to Cloudflare, so they want to pursue the CNAME Setup option. I suppose all things are generally equal between the traditional DNS configuration and CNAME Setup. Has anyone found that not to be the case? Meaning is the CNAME Setup option in any way inferior in performance improvements (excluding the domain-wide protection offered by the traditional configuration)?

My other concern is whether or not the CNAME Setup will work nicely with the Cloudflare WP Plugin. I haven’t found anything that says it does not, but I also haven’t found anything that says it does. Does anyone have any experience with CNAME Setup + WordPress Plugin?

Thanks so much for considering this for me!

I can understand their hesitation, but I strongly advise against a CNAME setup. You lose quite a bit of control when you route through someone else’s Cloudflare integration. It’s a frequent reason why people can’t get stuff to work.

If you can perfectly copy the current DNS records over to Cloudflare, then the transition should be seamless.

You’re certainly welcome to pursue this. But to answer your question…it’s a definite probably. The Cloudflare Plugin needs the API key to the Cloudflare account the domain is tied to. If the user can log into the Cloudflare account for that domain, then you can get the API key the plugin will need in order to function.

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This is exactly what I needed to know. Thank you so much!

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