CNAME setup for website not connecting, SRV Error in DNS

Hi, we are having issues with the CNAME setup, none are connecting. The hosting company has said that they are not seeing any issues on their side.

The issue is causing the DNS Record to be not found.

What is the best course of action to resolve this.

Thank in advance for the assistance.


That would be a good idea.

That’s not a CNAME setup but a traditional Cloudflare setup.

Also, the DNS records all seem to be in place and the site loads. What exactly is the issue?

A CNAME setup is something very different. In your case it would seem as if your issue is that your CNAME records do not resolve as CNAME records.

In order for that to happen you should unproxy all records which you want to resolve as proper CNAMEs.

Will try that Sandro.

Thank you.

Hi Sandro,

I have unpoxy all but two, still having issues trying to connect. Am I missing something, excuse my lack of knowledge, I not fully versed in this area.


Resolves fine at this point

nslookup -type=cname
Address:      canonical name =

You might just have to wait.

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