CNAME Setup for Pro Plans

currently we have a few customers that host a wordpress site. they are really bulky and slow so we said they can just migrate their dns to cloudflare and pay 20€ and we would set it up for them.

unfortunatly they do not want to do it and instead want to keep their nameserver.
however 200€ for these small sites would be way too much for them, so business plans for every site is not a option for them.
is there any way to also have pro plans with cname setup? we would probably have 5-10 sites that would use this if it would be available.

btw. we can also really easily provide a customer.our-domain.tld for each customer, however their www.customer-domain.tld would than have a cname to customer.our-domain.tld.

You should probably investigate Cloudflare for SaaS, which is essentially what you are referring to. You manage the Cloudflare account for the websites you control, and the Customer just CNAMEs to your account.

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