CNAME setup for domain in GoDaddy but get error 1016

Alright guys, I have domain1 set up in CloudFlare

Now I want sub.domain2 (That is in GoDaddy) to be redirected to sub.domain1

I created a CNAME for sub.domain2 in GoDaddy that points to sub.domain1 and all I get is Error 1016.

I’m not sure what’s causing this. I’ve been trying to break my head on the forums for hours now…

You can’t CNAME to another Cloudflare domain. You’ll have to create a placeholder “A” record for sub.domain2 with a placeholder IP address such as, then use a Page Rule to redirect visitors at sub.domain2 over to sub.domain1

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sub.domain2 is NOT on Cloudflare. That one is still on GoDaddy. Does what you said above still apply?

If it was purely godaddy for domain2, then you wouldn’t get a 1016 error.

That’s why I’m so confused.

Sub.domain2 is purely on godaddy. Cname is pointing to sub.domain1 which is on cloud flare.

Could it be CloudFlare (subdomain1) is somehow blocking access via the Cname of subdomain2?

If you posted the hostnames for both, we would have a better idea of what’s really going on.

From what I understand it would appear as if the OP CNAMEd his Godaddy domain to a host that is proxied via Cloudflare and that certainly wont work as Cloudflare does not know about that domain.


So what do I need to change here? How do I let CloudFlare know about the domain?

You would need to add the domain to Cloudflare.

Ah, gotcha.

There’s no way at all otherwise?

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