CNAME Setup — Business Account

The Business package offers a CNAME setup. Does this mean that Cloudflare will set up the CDN for a mydomain? This seems to be the case since the basic DNS setup includes CNAME for the domain.

Does anyone understand the benefit of the CNAME setup at the Business level?

Hi there,

A CNAME setup means you can use Cloudflare without moving your authoritative DNS for your domain over to Cloudflare. By authoritative we mean where you manage your DNS Records and the DNS nameservers that host your zone file containing your DNS records for your domain.

Normally on Cloudflare when you add a zone to Cloudflare, you use a ‘Full’ setup meaning you move your authoritative DNS to Cloudflare and manage DNS through Cloudflare’s dashboard.

When a CNAME setup you keep your authorative DNS with a third-party and use CNAME DNS records to forward requests through Cloudflare proxy.

There are limitations with the CNAME setup - Cloudflare can only provide our services for subdomains (eg., - you cannot protect root/apex ( unless your current DNS provider supports CNAME flattening, or you are able to purchase features like Static IPs/Bring your own IP that come with our Enterprise plan.

You can read about the differences here - Zone setups · Cloudflare DNS docs

Does this mean that Cloudflare will set up the CDN for a mydomain?

I’m not sure if I fully understand this - can you expand on what your expectations are when it comes to Cloudflare will setup the CDN for my domain?

Hope this helps!


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