CNAME - root domain to resolve

I followed the steps to connect Cloudfare to my domain from bluehost. Followed steps to connect to Kajabi course platform.

Your custom domain has not passed some verification steps. It looks like your CNAME record has not been set to point to Kajabi yet. See step 2 for more information

Ran diagnostic and said I need to connect root domain.

  1. Should I be creating a new CNAME or A record? I don’t know what I should be pointing it to.

  2. How long should I wait to see if it worked? Do I need to wait 24 hours each try to see if it’ll work.

I’m new to this… so plain English and any visual if possible would be appreciated.

Hi @georgette.stubbs

You will need to add the records given by Kajabi, if they are trying to verity it, you may need to set the record to :grey: instead of :orange: so that it is not proxied through Cloudflare an they can see the record directly.

You have a CNAME for www already, but you don’t have one for your root domain, they should give you the content of the record that you need to add. Alternatively, since your domain works on www, you could just redirect users from your root domain to there. This Community Tutorial should help if you want to do that: Redirect to


You may want to review the detail instructions on Kajabi website. There is a also a video showing how it is done.


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