CNAME returns 404, not any request goes to our servers


We need some help please.

We have the domain name and we have added a CNAME that returns 404, not any request goes to the servers when using the root domain, when using a subdomain such as all is working fine.

What can be the issue? thanks.

And if you toggle the :orange: to be :grey: DNS Only, does it work? (give it five minutes for the :grey: to update)

Yes when disabling it, works! it’s when we set the orange cloud that does not reach the correct server. Super strange.

When you access it with DNS only mode :grey:, is it accessing via HTTP or HTTPS?

http, and works good :S strange

Is your SSL encryption mode Full or Full (strict)?

flexible, and we need to have it that way. Seems like when we switch it to orange/proxied it goes to an old hosting we had. But not to the new request. Thanks for helping!

Still without any solution. When I enable the Proxy the requests goes to a different server than when I disable the proxy…

You currently have a security issue.

This does not solve the issue I have described. we have even set on full or full strict. Why goes to another server?

If you set it to Strict, why did you say you have to use Flexible?

Because I had it in flexible, but again how is this related to the error. Can you please read what I have described? goes to a different server… :frowning: 1 week without been able to work on this.

My response was addressing your insecure setup.

I appreciate your response and the effort, but it is not what I have asked :frowning:

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