CName remenant still exists from old dns

I used namecheap as my old DNS and i have switched to cloudflare.

i used to have a redirection CNAME but i have changed it when i switched to cloudflare but the old redirection CNAME is still active somehow.

What is the domain and CNAME?

the domain is currently

CNAME is www → resolves to Cloudflare IP addresses, so you have a proxied DNS record for www.

Oddly, I get different responses when I request from different IP addresses. One goes to Namecheap’s forwarding service, another seems to go via Github.

Can you show a screenshot of your DNS records?

The 192.64.x.x IP address is for Namecheap, the other apex A records are for Github. Remove the Namecheap one.

I removed it, i will let the TTL update and i will let you know if the problem has been solved, thanks for the help.

the issue has been resolved.

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