CNAME registers not appearing in DNS Lookups

I am unable to retrieve CNAME registers for all the other DNS registers look fine but CNAME not propagating/appearing

If you set up a CNAME record for, then that cannot work, as CNAME records cannot be configured for naked domains. If you have added any other record, then just make sure it is not proxied (:grey:). Also, make sure CNAME flattening only applies to the naked domain.

The domain has already A records and the CNAMES which are not propied enable dkim and diverse platform support for emails but seems there is some hidden problem because they are not working properly.

Which DNS record exactly does not appear as CNAME record?

CNAME DNS records appear in Cloudflare and looking fine but not retrievable by any CNAME Lookup tool available, e.g: CNAME Lookup - MxToolbox

As I wrote.

If the records are proxied they won’t show up as CNAME records but as A records. Do they work if you visit them? If not as @sandro points out w/o a specific example no one is going to be able to troubleshoot.

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