CNAME records won't show up. Tried deleting and re-adding

Confirmed the domain has Cloudflare’s nameservers

What is the name of the record and domain?

Generally, if you need to see the CNAME record, it needs to be DNS-Only, not proxied.

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Your zone isn’t working because you have a DNSSEC misconfiguration.

You need to either disable DNSSEC at your registrar, or enable it at Cloudflare and update the DS record at your registrar with the value provided by Cloudflare.


cool, what tool is that please?

It’s this tool:

I can see that you have activated DNSSEC in Cloudflare now, but you still need to update the DS record at your registrar with the values provided by Cloudflare.

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tyvm. all green checkmarks at that link - so how do you know about something still imperfect in my setup?

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It’s working now :wink:

Wasn’t working yet when I checked with my last post.


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