CNAME records without proxy

I registered a domain with, and updated its nameservers to point at Cloudflare servers.

In my Cloudflare account, I need to create 4 CNAME records so that all emails sent to *@mydomain will be delivered to my Tutanota email account.

However, for this to work, I need to disable the proxy status on the 4 CNAME records, so that it says “DNS Only”:

Currently I cannot find any setting in my Cloudflare account that allows me to disable the proxy status.

I am using Cloudflare as a non-paying user.

Please advise. Thank you.

Hi @tbeelen57,

If you click edit next to the records, you should see either a toggle switch to change the proxy status, or be able to click the :orange: to turn it :grey:.

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You are absolutely right! Sorry for the dumb question, I guess I am really sleep-deprived.

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No problem, glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

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