CNAME Records will not propagate

We are using EOP (Exchange Online Protection) with Office 365 Administrator and I am trying to record cname records in Cloudflare on a Business account to no avail. One article here stated that unless the record has a cloud next to it in the DNS portal, it wont work, it doesn’t have a gray cloud next to it in the Cloudflare Dashboard and re-creating it doesn’t seem to help.

What cloud does it have next to it?

Can you post the record? Neither has a gray cloud next to it but my other cname records doCloudflarecnameexaMPLE

The CNAME seems to be properly in place but are you sure the target host is correct? Double check that.

straight from Microsoft EOP/Office 365 and verified by them that those records are correct , In the Office 365 console , when trying to enable DKIM, it shows those two strings

It currently points to

whereas I’d believe it should rather point to

That seemed to let me enable DKIM in EOP, Thanks! Still not showing up in MX Toolbox but replication time i guess