Cname Records Value keep show different from what I typed in

Hello, I am trying to add 3 CNAME records from Aweber.

Here’s the problem.

I have added ‘’ in the value. But the problem is the value keeps showing ‘aweber_key_a._domainkey’. It keeps missing the word ( at the ending.

Please refer to the image attached to understand what I meant.

I have added over a day and AWeber does not recognize that the CNAME records are installed.

Any kind soul out there please help me out!

Greatly appreciate your time and help.

On subdomains, such as those, Cloudflare does not show the domain name at the end in order to save space. It’s there.

You probably have the CNAME set to :orange: Proxied. AWeber needs them to be :grey: DNS Only so it can check the value. Click on the :orange: to switch it to :grey:.

Hey sdayman,

Thank you so much for your reply.

I didn’t know that proxied can be changed to DNS only.

I have done so and right now I click on refresh on aweber. It is still saying not installed.

How long do I have to wait for the changes to be updated?

Thank you so much.

It takes five minutes for AWeber’s DNS cache to clear that record.

Oh Wow sdayman!

Thanks so much! I refreshed and it is installed now.

Thank you for your prompt reply and God Bless You.

May I know what does proxied means?

Proxied means that DNS will show a Cloudflare address to connect to. Then Cloudflare will route (proxy) that traffic. But AWeber needs those DKIM requests to go straight to them.

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