CNAME records stuck with the old redirected domain

Hello. I have bunch of subdomains with CNAME record added to my target domain “clickfunnels,com”.

Now I want to change these from “clickfunnels,com” to “myowndomain,com”. But after I made the changes, these records not taking an action. They still target to “clickfunnels,com”. There is nothing remains about clickfunnels in my Cloudflare dns panel. Not even a single IP of them. I purged the cache, tried from ignicto windows, tried with VPN, not working!

When I try with new unique subdomain name like “unique,mydomain,com” to target mydomain,com, and add “unique” subdomain from my hosting panel, it works instantly.

But when I change my old records (which they were pointed to clickfunnels before) they’re not taking action. They always directing to clickfunnels,com. It stucked somehow… I need help

Please take a look at the following community tutorial, specifically the “What if I can’t wait for Support?” section.

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