CNAME records still not propagating

(NOTE: I’ve had to retract most of the useful parts of the post because ‘new users can only put 2 links in post’ - I’ve only put hostnames in necessary for the report, I’m not spamming links! WTF!?! Apologies for the abysmal readability of this report!!)

Domain is ‘foxy dot co dot uk’. NS records:

  • logan dot ns dot cloudflare dot com
  • maya dot ns dot cloudflare dot com

All lookups otherwise working as expected. No records are being proxied.

Yesterday I added as a CNAME to the domain. It shows up fine in the control panel, but I still can’t dig it hours later. Normally, updates are reflected within about 5 mins.

(sorry - useful output of ‘dig’ I had pasted here retracted due to ‘new user 2 links restriction’ - seems you’ll have to go dig it yourself!!!)

I have a similar problem with ACME challenges for another ‘’ domain that’s now using Cloudflare. The same updates were working fine when the domains were on Route53. Is this some kind of Cloudflare feature I’m not aware of?!?

Any thoughts / suggestions?


Even a dig @logan for that CNAME or A record is empty.

Can you post a screenshot of that DNS record?

Would love to, but there doesn’t appear to be the ability to upload screenshots on this forum.


OK, I guess I can post at least one link per post?

Ah, that’s TXT record, not a CNAME, and it shows up.

Thanks! I guess I must have been getting confused last night (coffee/sleep mismatch), and I can now see why my cert challenges are failing. It seems our coredns is returning a CNAME for some reason, which I will now investigate less the wild geese and red herrings.


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