CNAME records pointing to outside your domain

Because of your API working with Let’s Encrypt certificates, I am thinking of recommending my company to switch to your DNS services (and possibly move their domains but that is a secondary issue)

I have trialled with my own personal domain and it works nicely. I can even use ddclient to dynamically update IP’s.

The problem I have with my company is that they have CNAME records pointing to outside the domain e.g points to I think, from what I’ve read, that this is not allowed for free plans. Which product would I need for this? And what are the restrictions?

The company has 4 domains, and I don’t think they would be interested in the proxying set up (I removed it for my own test).

That’s allowed, even on free plans. Where did you see that it is not?

I thought it was something to do with domain flattening and proxying? Unfortunately some of this is beyond my current understanding.

Technically, you can’t CNAME a root domain (, so Cloudflare has to flatten it so it looks like an “A” record instead of a CNAME. Free plans won’t let you flatten a subdomain CNAME record, so no worries there. Paid plans will let you if you choose to do so.

Proxying: You can’t proxy a CNAME that points to to a different Cloudflare domain that’s proxied (double proxying). In which case, you just :grey: DNS-Only that CNAME. Again, no worries, as it’s easily avoidable.

That is looking OK, then. I would not want to flatten a CNAME a root domain, and they only use CNAME’s from one subdomain to another subdomain. Some of their CNAME targets are inside their domain but some aren’t.

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