CNAME records not showing up despite proxy off

Hi all,

I have a few CNAME records set up but none of them is resolved by any server. I found a few solutions to disable Cloudflare proxy, but that didn’t help at all.

The domain is blusense-diagnostics .com and I try to set up a proper DKIM and it just doesn’t go.

I appreciate if you could help me.
Thanks in advance,


To disable proxy you just need to change the :orange: to :grey: in your DNS Record. And check if its status via It may take time according to the TTL.

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I know, it’s disabled (grey cloud icon) and it has been a few fays without any results.

1 Like IP is currently resolved into Cloudflare IP. It should be working if it is :grey: clouded. Have you tried with other records?

There are TXT, SPF, and A records in use and they work fine. autodiscover. seems to be working as well, however as a CNAME is not retrieved when I try to lookup DNS

You might need to raise a ticket on this problem.

thanks, it’s done :ok_hand:

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