CNAME records not showing in lookup

This seems to be a vast issue for many in the past, but all posts are from 2018 and prior. I’ve read through a dozen or so posts, KB articles and blog posts, but to no avail.

I have a 3rd party provider needing to verify our domain ownership by setting up a CNAME record. I’ve done so, but it’s not being seen by 3rd party checkers such as MXTool Box.

I’ve confirmed that the record is not Proxied. (In fact, I’ve set all records to the grey cloud in case it had any effect across other records)

KB articles say to “unflatten” the record, but the controls to do so are greyed out. (I’m on a free plan)

So I’m stuck with this 3rd party provider because he cannot see the CNAME record.


A naked domain cannot be set as CNAME. Respectively if you do, it has to be flattened by definition. You’d need to create a proper record of the domain.

Thank you. Sorry to be a noob, but what do you mean when you say “create a proper record of the domain”?

You need to create a CNAME record for that domain of the sort of XXXX.domain.tld.

Hang on, that was actually a proper record. Censoring your DNS records might not have been the best course of action :wink:

You seem to have checked for a CNAME at your naked domain, which of course doesnt exist. You will need to check for the record you created. Post a new screenshot of your DNS records (considering nothing is proxied you dont even need to redact IP addresses).

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