CNAME records not resolving

I’ve added a series of cname records to a domain.

When I do DNS lookup, I can see the A and AAA records but no CNAME or TXT.
Actually I see that in all my domains I can’t do a CNAME lookup, it always shows no records, even it has records. Is it because it’s proxied ? I am missing something ?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, when the record is proxied, Cloudflare responds to DNS Queries with its own Proxy Ingress IPs (A/AAAA records) and then internally resolves the CNAME when sending traffic to it.

There’s a diagram/info on how CNAMEs are treated (proxied, or with CNAME Flattening which happens with a CNAME on root/apex domain, or if you enable for all on Pro or higher), here: CNAME flattening diagram · Cloudflare DNS docs


So if I disable the proxy it should resolve the CNAMES normally ?

If you disable the Proxy, and the CNAME isn’t on the root/apex of your domain (i.e it’s on a sudomain like, not on, it will resolve as a CNAME yes. You’d lose all of Cloudflare’s protections (WAF), speed improvements, caching, ability to control traffic with Page Rules, etc. Some CNAMEs, like for DKIM, ACME, Domain Verification, do need to be unproxied, but if it’s working fine as is you would want to keep it proxied, not being able to resolve the CNAME directly is fine unless your provider/use case needs it

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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