CNAME records not propagating

Hey guys,
A service I am using has asked me to create CNAME records for my domain. I created them almost 24 hours ago, but the service is still not detecting them, and various online DNS zone scanners I have tried also do not show them yet. This seems like an unusually long amount of time? If I add a CNAME record at my registrar, it usually propagates in under an hour. Let me know if I’m missing something or doing something wrong!

My guess, it is proxied and hence not recognised.

Whats the record?

I have created the following records (they should all be pointing to Microsoft Azure):

  3. *

No such CNAMEs seem to exist. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS settings?

As I suspected, the entries are proxied. You’ll need to switch to :grey:.

What’s surprising though is they do not resolve at all. Try if switching them to :grey: fixes it and possibly also remove the * wildcard.


I added them just about 22-23 hours ago now I’d say… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks, I will try that now and return, however I thought the proxy was still allowed? When I directly type in in my browser, it actually worked fine. It’s just not being detected by Azure, or you? I’m confused

It now seems to work fine. Do you need them for verification or for service access?

Verification, yes. I just tired again and voila Azure has detected it. Should I not turn the orange cloud back on? Or leave it gray?

If it is only for verification you can delete it now altogether I assume.

Thank you so much, everything seems to be working as expecting now! I’ll make a note of disabling the proxy for verification. Have a wonderful day!

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