CNAME records not propagaing

I set up Office 365 email for my domain and their support team directed to add some CNAME records and after several days they are not propagating. I think they are supposed to be set to DNS only but I have tried proxied as well. 70% of what I read about DNS is over my head and I’m at a loss for what could be the issue here. Would much appreciate some help.

What’s the hostname of that CNAME record?

If by “hostname” you mean “Name” (as it’s listed in the DNS) the hostnames are

  1. autodiscover
  2. lyncdiscover
  3. mail
  4. sip
  5. www

Or if you were talking about what’s in the “Content” column, they are


How about just a screenshot of the record(s) that aren’t working?

They all look like they’ve propagated. Is something not working?

I see now how that they are. I didn’t realize they were subdomains on and I was just checking CNAME for by itself.

Do you agree that they should be DNS only?

Thank you for the help?

You’re probably better off with :grey:. Some services get upset if you set it to :orange:, because it masks that it’s a CNAME.

Generally, :orange: is for HTTP services, so anything that’s not HTTP (like IMAP/SMTP) should be :grey:. And as I alluded to, :grey: is for CNAMEs where the service needs to see the raw CNAME record, rather than the Proxy service from Cloudflare.

Thank you so much, man. I really appreciate the help.

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