CNAME records keep disappearing

I recently set up sendgrid (email service) with my domain. Sendgrid has users verify the domain and add DKIM domain keys as CNAME records. So I went ahead and did that within cloudflare and everything worked great… for a few hours until the sendgrid CNAME records I had added inexplicably disappeared. Totally gone without a trace.

I’ve added them back 3 times now, and each time they stick around for a couple hours, and then vanish. No notification from cloudflare, no error messages, nothing. They just disappear after a while, which of course breaks email deliverability.

What’s going on? I’ve looked around in the documentation for both cloudflare and sendgrid. Can’t find anything about DNS entries just going missing. Email delivery does not work very well without the records.

Look in the audit log for the account. The record deletion should be logged there.

They should be :grey: clould (DNS only) if they are CNAME records pointed to
Are you using TXT records for SPF and/or DKIM, or CNAME?
Moreover, what is the value (content) of your MX record?

Thanks! The audit log does indeed show the record has been deleted. The ip that deleted it is some Amazon ip

Not sure who this ip belongs to, it is unfamiliar to me. I’m trying to come up with ideas on what this is. Some sort of API perhaps? Very odd.

That’s most likely an API call that you must have set up with a third party. Changing that Global API Key would certainly shut that down, but might break the original reason you set it up.

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