CNAME records are not shown in a CNAME lookup


I have several domains on Cloudflare, and I’ve noticed that none of my CNAME records are showing up on CNAME lookups (using tools like WebToolHub, MXToolBox, or SamDNS), whether they are grey or orange clouded. I’ve signed up for a transactional email service, and it would need a CNAME record (which could be looked up) to customise their tracking links.

Does anyone know a solution for this?

Thank you very much in advance.

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Try turning CNAME Flattening off on the DNS tab of your Cloudflare Dashboard.

More about CNAME Flattening here:

Well, there’s no option to turn it off:

It looks like it only flattens the CNAME at the root of my domain. The CNAME in question has to point to an external link at the transactional email provider.

Well, that’s strange. The CNAME should still be shown on CNAME lookups, if and only if you grey cloud the respective subdomain at your dashboard. I just tried several online DNS lookup and my www subdomain CNAME is shown directly.

The instances where CNAME records are not showing up on lookups should be when the subdomain is orange-clouded or CNAME flattening is on.

Could be a caching issue though, maybe try checking again now.

Hi there

It showed up a while back and we set things up. It’s all working properly

Thank you!


When a CNAME record is orange clouded we basically treat it like an A record AND we obfuscate the origin and just return the IP address. As a result if you do a DNS query for CNAME with an orange clouded record you won’t see it (but an A record query will return the destination IP).

For services which are looking to validate with a specific value obfuscation = bad. So to prevent this you’ll want to make sure the record is :grey: not :orange:.


Nice one. I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to figure out why my dns record kept returning as an A record rather than CNAME - must be CNAME so I can register with Azure App Service - I tested that once I’d validated dns name with Azure I could switch back on HTTP Proxy CDN (orange cloud) again and all works with Azure.

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Am having the same issue, Now I bought my domain with, I transferred the nameservers to that of Cloudflare name servers, am hosting my file servers on GoDaddy but the issue am having now is setting up the email and office, as my CNAME records are no displaying, I have the cloud icon current greyed out and no results found when I look up my CNAME records for my domain.

You have 4 domins associated with your account. 3 of which are active. I’m not sure which domain you’re referring to or which records account for email and office. If office means office 365, none of your domains appear to have ay office 365 related records in place.

Additional details would be required.

Hi there,
I think I’m having similar issue…
I’ve added 2 CNAME records, one for root(@) and one for www.
When I try to look them up, I can see the CNAME record for www, but no record for root(@).
I’ve got both clouds unchecked(greyed out). The only difference is that CNAME for root is flattened.
What can/should I do?

A CNAME record is technically illegal (not allowed by DNS). Instead there’s a relatively new standard called an ANAME which does something similar to what Cloudflare does which is basically return an IP for the record.

Don’t worry too much about querying for a specific record type. If a DNS lookup for the record succeeds it is fine (an A record query will and your browser is doubtlessly going to the site specified).

Hello @cs-cf

CNAME record is not publishing, without that SSL authority can’t verify the domain and I am unable to install Wildcard SSL.

Without CNAME Publication I can’t track my email marketing campaign. My email service provider need to verify CNAME then I can Track the Email Campaign (Open rate, Clicks, Etc…)

Please let me know how can I manage this.? How can I disable CNAME Flattening.


There is an option in the dashboard to disable it. On the Free plan the default option is the best one since you can’t have a CNAME at the root.

Also check that the CNAME is :grey: in the DNS dashboard.

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