CNAME records are not resolved

so we have a website and we would like to follow this particular guide.
The guide asks to add CNAME record. And we did that.
what seems to be the problem is none of the CNAME records are resolved.
I have checked mutiple forum topics but no solution found.

The mail subdomain should probably be set to “DNS only” if used for mail clients to connect.

Is your domain .com or You seem to have these mixed. You can’t CNAME from .com inside the zone - only to it.

The other CNAMEs probably should not include the apex domain, so ( should be set only to s1._domainkey as at the moment your records have created this… (which is why you can’t find it)…

dig +short

Other DNS…

The domain is
The first CNAME is the main concern, that is not resloved.
Will fixing the ones you mentioned, resolves others?

I can’t see all of the first one, so can’t test it.

Can you press edit and paste the screenshot so all of the fields are fully visible.

(The reason your check at doesn’t show them is you must specify the whole CNAME to see it, you can’t just query the apex domain and get a list of subdomains as DNS doesn’t work like that).

Here are the original values that were asked to enter.

It is working. As I mentioned, you have to query it directly…

dig +short

yeah just checked

Now the service provider is not able to see them, they are using the same APEX domain check.

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