CNAME Record

Hello All!! Can anyone tell me exactly how to setup a new CNAME record for my domain? I’m already using www. and would like to use to redirect to a landing page I’ve created with get response. It didn’t work the first time I tried setting this up so I’d really appreciate some guidance! Thanks beforehand

A CNAME won’t redirect to a URL, but you can create a Page Rule to do this.
If is set to :orange:, then a Page Rule will work:
Match:* and set a Forwarding URL (code 302) to

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Thanks for the reply sdayman! Except I have no idea how to create a page rule. . Is that done via Cloudflare? And if so which section and what steps do i need to follow exactly?

Yes, there’s a Page Rules section in the Cloudflare dashboard.

Thank you, Thank you you’re awesome, I think it worked!

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