CNAME record with A and AAAA records that don't exist for server-side tagging

Hello there, I just want to say first that I’m not a technical person and if my questions are stupid please, forgive me.

I’m currently working with an agency on setting up server-side tagging with GTM and because of this the developer who’s working on the project was tasked to create a separate subdomain - sstmydomaindotcom

Then, the agency requested to create a new CNAME record with no A or AAAA records, non-proxied which was also completed by the developer almost a week ago. However, when testing today with an exernal tool - toolboxdotgoogleappsdotcom it shows that there are still active A and AAAA records along with the CNAME record.

The developer told me that he deleted the original A record and created this new CNAME record and he has no idea why the tools and checkers still show the A records. So can you tell me is there any cache that lasts longer than 48 hours for such changes or do we do anything wrong and how can we fix it so we can do the things as requested by the agency?

Also, one more thing when I tried to open the subdomain it appeared ‘not secured’ and it turned out that there is no active SSL on it, I don’t know if this can be an issue?

Thanks in avance!

A CNAME cannot exist for the same subdomain as an A or AAAA record. Are you sure it’s not just resolving the CNAME?

Can you give the domain and subdomain?


Hi sjr and thanks a lot for the prompt reply!

You can be absolutely right I guess.

I tested an hour ago two different DNS checkers and noticed that when I do 2 separate checks for my new subdomain (the one for the GTM container) and the host subdomain (given to me from the agency and added as a host in the CNAME record) they both resolve with the same IP.

Unfortunately, I’m a new user here and I’m not allowed to insert links that’s why I’m adding the domains in this way:
sst(dot)bashmaistora(dot)bg and eur(dot)stape(dot)io (the host subdomain).

Thanks a lot for your time and sorry again if I’m asking for basic information, but I got confused from the information online and decided to ask the experts and more knowledgeable people like you instead.

Thank you!

The CNAME resolves as you expect…

dig +short

dig +short

Do you see anything different?

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