CName record still points to old domain when proxied

I have a cname record, “”, that used to point to a Tebex store and was not proxied. About 48 hours ago I deleted the record and created a new one with the same name pointing to a CraftingStore store. The new record needs to be proxied to function.

So far, “” still points to the Tebex store. However, if I disable the CF proxy, it points to the CraftingStore page which doesn’t load because it needs to be proxied. Any ideas why it isn’t updating when I have the proxy enabled?

As Tebex still controls your proxied hostname, have you asked them to completely remove it from their Cloudflare integration?

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I have not asked them; I assumed that because the proxy was disabled with Tebex (Tebex recommends this), that they did not have control of the proxied hostname. I can ask them, though.

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I have solved the issue.
The problem is that I deleted the cname record, created the new one, and then I removed the custom domain from Tebex’s dashboard. I believe this made Tebex unable to release the domain since the cname record was no longer pointed to them.

What I did to fix this was setup the custom domain on Tebex’s dashboard again, pointing the cname record back to Tebex, and then I removed it from the dashboard. After I verified the page no longer pointed to the Tebex store, I then pointed the cname record to the CraftingStore page. Now it works. =)

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