CNAME Record still not propagated. HELP!

So I changed the Nameservers into those written by Cloudfare and needed to add a CNAME Record in order to connect my domain with my Web Editor.
I deleted the A Record with ”www” and replaced it with the Cname.
I am now waiting for over hours and nothing happened.

Can anyone help me ? I just want to be sure I did it right and I am not wasting time waiting.

I attached my DNS Dashboard below.

Hi @user17060,

The record is there.

$ dig CNAME +short

i see a certificate warning and then a test page. Cloudflare isn’t involved with this so you will need to follow up with the host.

I need to connect my domain to the host to be able to publish my website, but the host says the cname isnt connected yet… I dont know what to do anymore

You’ll have to ask them what is wrong. The record you added here is showing OK.

@domjh Thank you. The only thing they say is this :

Update your domain CNAME Record >>Edit your CNAME Record as below:

Type - CNAME
Name host - www
Value -
TTL - pre defined value (1 hour)

That is what’s there, so I’m not sure what their issue is.

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I just double-checked and it’s most definitely…pretty much everywhere.


@sdayman Thank you very much… I checked it the whole day too. Now I wrote them again what the issue could be. They connected it now. Hopefully it will work without problems now.

Thanks again.

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