CNAME record setup VestaCP


Hi, I have a setup of WHMCS + VestaCP + CloudFlare Partner Program + RailGun. So basically I setup CloudFlare module for WHMCS and setup the CloudFlare using WHMCS for my domain. Then in my CloudFlare partner panel it shows the domain is online and in WHMCS I get:

" Working with CloudFlare over CNAMES

  • On your authoritative DNS, make sure that each activated record is pointing to its CloudFlare-specified CNAME.
    • For example: If has been activated, then your authoritative DNS should set as a CNAME to
  • All proxy targets should resolve on the internet.
    • This may require modifying your authoritative DNS for the proxy target.
    • For example, if the proxy target for is then should be created as an A or CNAME record and pointing to the desired server.

I need to know how should I point my CNAME records in my DNS manager so it would point to CloudFlare. Need Urgent Help Please!!!