CNAME record propagation time

How long does it take for a CNAME record to propagate?
It’s been 3 days since a Microsoft 365 Auto Discover CNAME record was created and it’s still not working. When I try to log in to Microsoft Outlook, it redirects to Google (Former CNAME). Other records are working correctly.
In contact with Microsoft, they informed that the CNAME record has not yet propagated.

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Look at the record in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app. If it is :orange: proxied, it will never “propagate”. Proxied :orange: CNAMEs are published as synthetic A and AAAA records of the Cloudflare proxy IPs. You need to set you CNAME to :grey: DNS Only in order for it to be published as a CNAME. This will be necessary for any CNAME that is used with Microsoft 365. Make sure that your CNAME is :grey: DNS Only and it should work as expected.

Hello, thanks.
It is not marked as a proxy.
Since its creation it has only been used as DNS.
Microsoft support reported that it may take up to 7 days for it to propagate. Is this information correct?

No. Propagation isn’t even a real thing. It’s a term describing a concept that encompasses the magic hand-waving required to avoid explaining how DNS TTLs work. As soon as a record is published, it will be available in the authoritative nameservers for the zone.

If you share your domain name, the Community can provide insight on the status of your autodiscover CNAME and its suitability for use with Microsoft 365.

Depending on what you are expecting to happen, changing that record may not provided the desired results. The name is only useful when initially adding an email account to Microsoft Outlook. It is not consulted again after the account has been added to Microsoft Outlook.

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