CNAME record not visible after setting up tunnel

Hi Cloudflare community!

Yesterday I set up my first CF tunnel pointing to a self-hosted service on my domain. I completed the setup using CLI, the tunnel and the CNAME record were created successfully, the tunnel is up & running, BUT I’m not seeing this CNAME record when I perform a DNS Lookup. I double-checked Cloudflare’s documentation and, according to the information provided, everything was set up correctly. Should it be this way?

I also noticed that I’m getting the WRN Serve tunnel error="failed to accept QUIC stream: timeout: no recent network activity" Should I be worried about that?


Hi there,

This is due to CNAME flattening if you search for the same name as an A record you’ll find it.

WRN Serve tunnel error=“failed to accept QUIC stream: timeout: no recent network activity”

Make sure cloudflared is up-to-date and try running it adding the parameter --protocol http2 to see if the error remains.

Take care.

Hi! Thanks for the reply. I tried performing the DNS lookup for my root domain name (visible under the A record), but the CNAME record is not listed there either. My root domain name is - here’s a link to DNS Lookup. What could be the reason behind that?