CNAME record not updating(waited 3 days!😥)

I have deleted A record of one my sub domain 2 days before. And created a new CNAME record for that same. I have waited for 2 days but it’s not propagated. I have done a dnslookup but it’s shows the deleted A record instead of the new CNAME!
Somebody help me please!:pleading_face:

What’s the hostname? And if that CNAME is set to :orange: Proxied, it will appear as an “A” record since it’s proxied through Cloudflare’s IP address. If you want it to look and behave like a regular CNAME, you’ll have to set it to :grey: DNS Only.


Still now it is redirecting to the old A record.

As I suspected, that record is :orange: Proxied.

That hostname responds with a 301 redirect to a subdomain of

How I can remove that 301 redirect?

If it’s not in your Page Rules here, then it’s on whatever server the CNAME points to.

Thanks man! I forgotten that I have added a Page rule to redirect!:grin:
Thanks for your time!

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Now I have another issue!
It’s now showing too many redirects!:worried: