CNAME Record not showing on


What I need to achieve:

Create the sub-domain and set up a CNAME record for the following URL:

What I did:

The cloud is GREY
The record was entered already weeks ago…

The problem:

–> so on my subdomain doesn’t appear in context of

I’ve also tried a page rule:

but this didn’t help

So I am stuck with a CNAME Record that my solution provider tells me doesn’t work… BUT nslookup shows it is entered correctly:

So my Level of confusion is at 99% :wink:

As you mentioned, it resolves fine, so it is not a DNS issue.

Unfortunately I am afraid I cant tell you what their issue is. That is something they need to clarify. That record points to where it should. You can only send them the following output and ask for clarification

$ dig +short CNAME

Thank you sandro

I’ve written to cleverreach and they agreed that the behaviour of their side (not accepting is weird. The provided a manual work around and solved the matter… Cloudflare side all OK.

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