CNAME record not showing on cname lookups

Newbe here having problems setting up a cname for an appointment widget I am using on my site. for context, my hosting provider is different than my domain registrar and Cloudflare is my cdn.

I’ve asked my hosting provider where to add the cname and they told me to do it on Cloudflare so I did. I tried to add the cname on cloudflare both with the orange cloud and the grey cloud and while the cname is listed on Cloudflare as a dns record, I can’t see the cname using lookup tools. Any idea how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance. Jean

If the CNAME is proxied or flattened it will return an A record. Post a screenshot of the record (redact the target if you want).

Thank you Sandro for looking at my issue. I assume you want to see only the cname record in question. Here it is.

Are you on a paid plan? Whats the actual domain?

No I am on a free plan. my site is

Resolves fine here

nslookup -type=cname

Non-authoritative answer:       canonical name =

This is bizarre. The widget provider tells me he can’t see it.
Also when I use the booking link provided by the widget provider ( which now include my domain in the link vs their domain) it goes to my website with a “page does not exist” message.
Should I just take it back to them as the problem is on their side?

When I did a lookup for the cname (just did) here’s what I get:

You are not checking the record in question in this example, but your naked domain.

ok got it. I though it would return the cname associated with the domain. thanks for clarifying, I’ll take it up with then.

thank you so much for your time!

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