Cname record not showing in dnschecker

I need your help guys,
i had my account (free) setup for years now without an issue, i’ve connected my domain to a third party website using the cname record, suddenly my domain is not accessable, when i tried to check up the dns cname records it shows as if nothing is there, even though when i login to cloudflare > dns, it clearly shows the cname record installed.
my domain is tatiosa. net and it should have a dns cname record of admin. beds24. com

The record for is proxied so will return Cloudflare IP addresses.

If you or the host needs to see the CNAME when queries you need to set the DNS record to “DNS only”.

Note that if the CNAME is for the apex domain, then it can only return an IP address (Cloudflare IP address if proxied, for if set to “DNS only”) as apex records can only be A or AAAA, not CNAME. Cloudflare will let you set one as a CNAME in the dashboard but will flatten it to an IP address to comply with this restriction when it is queried.

For this reason, CNAMEs to external hosts usually have to be set for a www subdomain and a redirect from the apex to www is set on Cloudflare.

Having said that, your site appears to be working (redirecting to a login page) so not seeing the CNAME yourself isn’t an issue as the host IP address it is returning behind the proxy is working ok.

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