CNAME record not showing in ConvertFlow

I added a CNAME record so that we could activate our account with a third party (ConvertFlow) yet they are not seeing the CNAME record on their side.

Can you please advise?

If the record is proxied (:orange:), change it to DNS-Only (:grey:).

Hi George,

Yep, it’s currently set to DNS only. I have attached a screenshot of the record below:

You cannot verify a CNAME record a the apex domain That’s because at the zone apex, the CNAME record will be “flattened” by resolving and returning its A record. So the actual CNAME record is never returned, hence the verification will always fail.

If ConvertFlow supports connecting your domain via an A record, use that instead.

If CNAME is the only option, then use the subdomain instead of the apex domain

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