CNAME record not resolving

I just migrated DNS management from, mainly because they did not support creating CNAME records for the apex domain. The migration worked fine when I updated the name servers. I created 2 CNAME records – 1 for my apex domain and 1 for the www domain. Neither record is resolving. The nslookup command does resolve from my apex domain just fine. I also tried taking a look at a DNS propagation service. As expected, the service does not find the CNAME records in any region. If I look for an A record, that one is resolving to a Cloudflare domain (I read that this has to do with the fact that Cloudflare is proxying the connection). So shouldn’t Cloudflare then handle the rest of the connection if there are A records resolving to a Cloudflare IP? I am trying to turn off the proxy connection now and letting that propagate to see if it works. Any ideas what is going on with the proxied connection?

What’s the domain?

Right now the “A” record for root domain is an IP address, and ‘www’ is a CNAME to your site at WPEngine, which resolves to the same IP address as the “A” record.

So they resolve. And if you click them to :orange: to proxy them, they will still resolve. But…the root domain might not work because a CNAME setup often insists you use ‘www’ for your domain.

In which case, you’d have to redirect requests to the root domain over to the ‘www’ subdomain.

If root is set to :orange:, it’s easy to add a Page Rule to match* and URL forward it (Code 301) over to$1

Thank you for the feedback! Wouldn’t you expect these lookups in the below screenshot to resolve then? That’s why I’m a bit confused.


the root domain might not work because a CNAME setup often insists you use ‘www’ for your domain.

I’m a bit confused on what you mean by this. I generally understand that many DNS providers do not allow you to create CNAME records for the root domain, but I specifically moved DNS to Cloudflare because WP Engine told me to do so… they (understandably) don’t want you to use A records.

On Cloudflare, if you :orange: a root CNAME, it will “flatten” it so it no longer looks like a CNAME. It becomes an “A” record to the world.

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